Connected Leadership

Connected Leadership

Engage Your Workforce to Lead Themselves

Learn to share the decision-making process and get team buy-in through collaboration. When you share leadership with your team, you engage the power of collaboration and enable your team to lead themselves.
Empower Promote Launch Repeat book cover

Empower. Promote. Launch. [Repeat].

Creating a culture of Generational Leadership using four CORE strategies

This book helps you think through the legacy you want to leave behind. Part one speaks to the different generations beginning with the Silent Generation through the up-and-coming Generation Z.
Growing Influence

Growing Influence

A story of how to lead with character, expertise and impact

Growing Influence offers readers both practical advice on how to develop leadership skills and a relatable account of one woman’s growth by applying the principles in the book.
Innovation Proverbs Cover

Innovation Proverbs

Volume 1

When Dr. Evans Baiya speaks, trains, and consults with companies around the world, he regularly offers up inspirational innovation one-liners. We’ve captured the first volume of these Innovation Proverbs here—each designed to inspire you as you work on projects and collaborate with your teams throughout the year.
Leadership Simple book cover

Leadership Simple

Leading People To Lead Themselves

The book demonstrates a simple model of leadership that can be used to coach and guide any group or person, staff or management, towards the ultimate goal of the leader, leading people to lead themselves. This is a practical, interpersonal leadership system that can be used to translate any other business process, behavioral approach or method into bottom line results.
Optimizing Strategy for Results

Optimizing Strategy for Results

A Structured Approach to Make Your Business Come Alive

This book gives leaders the tools, processes, and instructions to establish a proven framework, address the importance of aligning culture with strategy, and aligning people’s talents, skills, and passions.
Sweating Bullets book cover

Sweating Bullets

A Story About Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking

You have what it takes to overcome the fear of public speaking. Your hidden talent is your gift of communication. Sharing in a sales call with a new client, interviewing for a job, presenting in a board meeting or in front of an audience of strangers whether with two, twenty, two hundred, or two thousand they are all high-stakes communication platforms. How can you be authentically you in these circumstances? Learn through the power of a story.

The Complete Leader

Everything You Need to Become a High-Performing Leader

Executive coaches Ron Price and Randy Lisk combine experiences and tools gleaned from decades working with leaders from Fortune 100 companies to small businesses to present twenty-five modules in The Complete Leader.

The Dangerous Book for CEOs

There are no magic bullets in effectively running an organisation. There are approaches though, that if focused on consistently over time, do lead to a greater chance of success. This book is about those - the ones that a CEO has to be really good at to be 80% sure of success. Or, the ones that if you don't pay attention to them, are 80% sure to lead to failure.
The Innovators Advantage

The Innovator’s Advantage: Revealing the Hidden Connection Between People and Process

This book brings together two essential components–the innovation framework and the science of skills and talent assessments–and shows you how to apply them to each stage of the innovation continuum to create to create The Innovator’s Advantage.