Jill Morris

TCL Testimonial with Jill Morris

By Jill Morris

"The magic happened for me when I got to see The Complete Leader Program in action...people were learning to lead from the inside out. By doing that they are better able to connect and collaborate."

Get Comfortable with Conflict

Led by Jill Morris

Differences and conflict are a natural part of life. They are challenging to navigate and cause discomfort for most of us. How we think about conflict and what we do about it depends on how confident and equipped we are to lead differences to learning, collaboration, mutual respect, and shared leadership for results. 

Your Negotiation Checklist

By Jill Morris & Steve Morris

Negotiations do not have to be complicated. Try these 16 steps to accountable negotiation.

Leadership Simple

Leading People To Lead Themselves

The book demonstrates a simple model of leadership that can be used to coach and guide any group or person, staff or management, towards the ultimate goal of the leader, leading people to lead themselves. This is a practical, interpersonal leadership system that can be used to translate any other business process, behavioral approach or method into bottom line results.

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Making Small Adjustments for Small Changes

By Jill Morris & Steve Morris

When you drive a car, sail a boat, or fly an airplane, you are constantly making small adjustments in the steering to deal with shifts in wind, current, other t

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Take Ownership with Accountability Questions

By Steve Morris & Jill Morris

Organizational Accountability is owning the consequences of your choices in delivering the agreed-to results that everyone owns but no one person controls, and

The Complexity of Conflict

By Steve Morris & Jill Morris

Conflict is a part of life, especially in the business world where differing opinions and personalities can lead to a variety of conflicting situations.