Dr. Jeremy Graves

The Organization of the Future is Teams

By Dr. Jeremy Graves | Aug 17, 2022

Dr. Jeremy Graves shares how to empower your teams to help propel your organization forward.

Empower. Promote. Launch. [Repeat].

Creating a culture of Generational Leadership using four CORE strategies

This book helps you think through the legacy you want to leave behind. Part one speaks to the different generations beginning with the Silent Generation through the up-and-coming Generation Z.

Exclusive interview with Dr. Jeremy Graves, Director, Boise State University

By Dr. Jeremy Graves | Dec 9, 2021

Do you think a multigenerational workforce will shape the workplace of the future? How can you successfully attract, hire and retain the different generations?

8 Behavioral Styles That Affect How We Return to Work

By Dr. Jeremy Graves | Jun 11, 2020

We are living in a world of change. We all know that the world is changing and, like most things in life, once we get used to this change a new one will occur.

The Power Of A Resilient Mindset

By Dr. Jeremy Graves | May 28, 2020

We are all facing times of uncertainty, no one is immune no matter how big or small your organization is.

The Difference

By Dr. Jeremy Graves | May 14, 2020

If you would have told me in January that a large percentage of the population would be working from home, I would have never believed it.

4 Things I Hear From Millennials On Leadership

By Dr. Jeremy Graves | Feb 13, 2020

Let’s get one thing out in the open. I am not a Millennial; I have never been a Millennial and I don’t claim to speak for them.

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Three Questions to Sharpen Your Vision

By Dr. Jeremy Graves | Jan 10, 2020

Vision. Even the word can seem overwhelming to some. What is our vision? How will I know if my vision is in alignment with my organizational needs?