Dr. Evans Baiya

What Kind of Innovator Are You?

By Dr. Evans Baiya | Aug 11, 2022

Before you and your team begin the innovation process, you must understand what kind of innovator you are.

The Innovator’s Advantage: Revealing the Hidden Connection Between People and Process

This book brings together two essential components–the innovation framework and the science of skills and talent assessments–and shows you how to apply them to each stage of the innovation continuum to create to create The Innovator’s Advantage.

Optimizing Strategy for Results

A Structured Approach to Make Your Business Come Alive

This book gives leaders the tools, processes, and instructions to establish a proven framework, address the importance of aligning culture with strategy, and aligning people’s talents, skills, and passions.

Optimizing Strategy for Results

By Ron Price , Dr. Evans Baiya , & Dr. Timothy Waema | Jun 30, 2022

Host Dale Dixon interviews the authors of the new book, "Optimizing Strategy for Results", Ron Price; Evans Baiya, PhD,; and Timothy Waema, PhD.

Looking to Innovate Your Strategy? You Need Options

By Dr. Evans Baiya | Jun 29, 2022

A good strategy is an innovative strategy. Without the flexibility provided by innovation, your strategy will grow stale and stagnant.

4 Steps To Gain A Talent Advantage With Upskilling

By Dr. Evans Baiya | Jun 9, 2022

Talent development is key to building a competitive organization.

12 Enemies of Successful Innovation

By Dr. Evans Baiya | May 12, 2022

In helping businesses and leaders build their innovation abilities, I see certain traits that stifle innovation again and again.

Evans Baiya Of The Innovator’s Advantage: 5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Began Leading My Company

By Dr. Evans Baiya | Apr 21, 2022

Thank you so much for joining us in this interview series! Before we dive in, our readers would love to “get to know you” a bit better.

The Relationship Between Strategy + Innovation

Led by Dr. Evans Baiya

There is a misalignment between strategy and innovation in most organizations. This stems from the belief that innovation is an accidental discovery that occurs during strategy implementation--or that strategy will magically rise up from work done on innovation initiatives. In truth, you must intentionally align strategy and innovation if you want to grow your business.

How to Strategize for Disruption

By Dr. Evans Baiya | Mar 17, 2022

The idea of creating a resilient strategy seems to come up in conversation again and again these days.

Is Communication Sabotaging Your Ability to Innovate?

By Dr. Evans Baiya | Feb 18, 2022

Avoid these four communications landmines as you navigate the stages of innovation.

5 Ways People Managers Can Become Innovation Champions

By Dr. Evans Baiya | Dec 6, 2021

How to help everyone find their role in creating innovation. Does this innovation challenge sound familiar?