The Complete Leader is an EMBA-style leadership development program designed to identify and develop the leadership skills necessary to excel in current and future roles. Through a mix of hands-on learning, presentations, study, and one-on-one coaching, participants spend 14 months working on essential leadership skills.

Whether training your company’s emerging leaders or bolstering your current leadership team, each program is customized around developing the skills that matter most to your organization and formatted specifically for you.


Who Is It For?

The Complete Leader is designed for companies and leaders who recognize that leadership development is critical to strengthening both company culture and the bottom line. It is a scalable program that can be tailored to every leader in your organization, from senior leaders to those who are just emerging and slated for future leadership roles.

Outside of company sponsorship, individual leaders can also enroll in open cohorts that are offered at select locations globally.

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How Does it Work?

The Complete Leader is deployed in two ways:

  1. Companies can sponsor the program for leadership teams. This allows them to tackle current challenges and priorities within the organization, and gives them an opportunity to grow together. Request a program.
  2. Individual leaders or companies with just a few leaders can join an open-enrollment cohort, available in a variety of cities around the world. Find facilitators in your area.

The Complete Leader immerses leaders in the competencies required to be a high-performing leader. Throughout the program, we host expert faculty members who are national thought leaders in the areas of branding, communications, conflict management, teamwork, innovation, and more. Participants receive exposure to these experts and the opportunity to build their network as they continue on their leadership journey.


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25 Leadership Competencies

The Complete Leadership Program consists of topics broken up into 4 categories, with 25 individual competencies. When you sponsor a program for your organization, the program will be talored to focus on the compencies you define are key areas of growth.

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