Dr. Timothy Waema

Optimizing Strategy in a VUCA World

By Ron Price & Dr. Timothy Waema | Jul 20, 2022

Host Dale Dixon interviews two of the three authors of the book, Optimizing Strategy for Results, Ron Price and Timothy Mwololo Waema, PhD. In a world that’s changing so fast, does strategy still have a role?

Optimizing Strategy for Results

A Structured Approach to Make Your Business Come Alive

This book gives leaders the tools, processes, and instructions to establish a proven framework, address the importance of aligning culture with strategy, and aligning people’s talents, skills, and passions.

Optimizing Strategy for Results

By Ron Price , Dr. Evans Baiya , & Dr. Timothy Waema | Jun 30, 2022

Host Dale Dixon interviews the authors of the new book, "Optimizing Strategy for Results", Ron Price; Evans Baiya, PhD,; and Timothy Waema, PhD.