Virtual & Live Programs

Whether you are looking for self-guided training, learning journeys, live online programs, or in-person training, we have a variety of programs to choose from. Browse our list, and if you’re looking for something in particular, contact us. We may be in the process of creating just what you’re looking for.

The Personal Leadership Hour: Radical Engagement: Aligning Calling, Career, Company

What if you could help your employees become passionate and radically engaged? Join us for our June Personal Leadership Hour where Bill Tom will highlight an underutilized process to create a winning culture and an enhanced quality of corporate life.

The Personal Leadership Hour: Be the Leader of You

Great leaders are successful at leading themselves first. By building your self-leadership skills, you improve your goal achievement capacity, ignite your intrinsic motivation, learn how to provide yourself with support, and create your own self-leadership system. In this Personal Leadership Hour, Jalene Case will give us a system to conduct self-leadership work, with a focus for the next 30 days. You will also receive a Self-Leadership Map to cultivate your drive to do what matters most.

The Personal Leadership Hour: Cultivating Empathy in Your Leadership Style

Empathy is a powerful, yet often underutilized tool for leaders. It is a pathway to trust, team building, collaborative relationships, and the assurance that your teams, clients, and partners depend on. Empathy is key to meeting business and strategic goals, all while creating a thriving work culture. In this session, Davina will teach attendees how to incorporate strategic empathy into their leadership styles to foster shared direction, enthusiastic collaboration, and authentic commitment.

The Relationship Between Strategy + Innovation

There is a misalignment between strategy and innovation in most organizations. This stems from the belief that innovation is an accidental discovery that occurs during strategy implementation--or that strategy will magically rise up from work done on innovation initiatives. In truth, you must intentionally align strategy and innovation if you want to grow your business.

Master Hiring Intelligence to Attract Top-Notch Talent

It is more important than ever for businesses to secure the talent necessary for continued success. But how does a company know which candidate will be a superior performer once they've been hired? The key is to start with the job itself! Hiring managers must know how to examine the job to have the eye to find the best recruits. In this session, Mindy will share how job benchmarking helps to determine what behaviors, values, competencies, and acumen are required to find the best match for the role.

The Personal Leadership Hour: Handle Unexpected Issues Like a Pro

If you've ever overreacted when faced with an unexpected issue or negative feedback at work, this session is for you. It can be common to react with emotion when you experience a surprising issue. You might lash out, say something you don't mean, and end up losing sleep over mishandling the situation. In this session, Ryan will introduce a tool that can help you navigate unforeseen issues and avoid losing time, productivity, or reputation. You’ll discover how to improve the way you handle an unanticipated event, a process to help get to the actual root of the issue, and how to handle feedback using questions versus assumptions.

The Personal Leadership Hour: Build a People Strategy That Will Strengthen Your Company

A vast number of employees are leaving jobs and accepting new ones. Dr. Francis Eberle doesn’t believe that what is being called The Great Resignation is temporary. Explore the reasons for this phenomenon and learn how you can strengthen your organization against it—by creating a people strategy. Successful companies make a people strategy a key part of their organizational strategy. In this microcourse, learn the elements of a people strategy and how it can change your company for the better.

Self-Management Learning Journey

Join Ron Price as he leads you through a Learning Journey to grow and master self-management. One of the 25 competencies to become a Complete Leader, self-management is the ability to prioritize goals, decide what must be done, and be accountable to complete the necessary actions.

The Personal Leadership Hour

The Personal Leadership Hour is a chance to explore topics related to self-leadership, personal growth and influence. These monthly virtual sessions offer ideas and best practices around impactful topics for leaders across the globe.

Difficult Conversations

Every day we face challenges at work, including difficult conversations with coworkers. This self-paced series covers the factors that make conversations difficult, approaches for navigating them, and strategies for succeeding at hard conversations.