Virtual & Live Programs

Whether you are looking for self-guided training, learning journeys, live online programs, or in-person training, we have a variety of programs to choose from. Browse our list, and if you’re looking for something in particular, contact us. We may be in the process of creating just what you’re looking for.

Coaching Courses

RealTime Coaching Masterclass

Led by Ryan Lisk

RealTime Coaching™ is a simple, practical approach to working with others. It gives anyone who supervises, manages or advises people an alternative to choosing either a “hard” or “soft” approach to dealing with problems and opportunities. RealTime Coaching is friendly, firm and fair—and it works.

Recorded Trainings

Conversations with a Coach

Led by The Complete Leader

Our expert TCL facilitators and coaches lead community members in an Online Community Discussion during these live, recorded events.

Author Interviews & Insights

Led by The Complete Leader

Dive into the works of some of The Complete Leader's favorite business and leadership authors as they expand on the concepts from their books during these live, recorded events.

The Personal Leadership Hour

This is a series of trainings

The Personal Leadership Hour is a chance to explore topics related to self-leadership, personal growth and influence. These monthly virtual sessions offer ideas and best practices around impactful topics for leaders across the globe.

The Relationship Between Strategy + Innovation

Led by Dr. Evans Baiya

There is a misalignment between strategy and innovation in most organizations. This stems from the belief that innovation is an accidental discovery that occurs during strategy implementation--or that strategy will magically rise up from work done on innovation initiatives. In truth, you must intentionally align strategy and innovation if you want to grow your business.

TriMetrix Report Behaviors Debrief

Led by Ron Price

Ron Price, Founder of The Complete Leader, walks you through an in-depth debrief of the behaviors section of TTI Success Insights' TriMetrix Report.

Reviewing your report closely will help you develop more self-awareness, understand your strengths and weaknesses—and how to amplify or neutralize them—as well as help you understand others better.

Motivate Employees with a Culture Manifesto

Led by Davina Ware

The challenges of a hybrid workplace have likely shifted your culture. This is a great time to invite employee participation, ownership and accountability as you create a new culture manifesto to move your organization forward. 

TriMetrix Report Competencies Debrief

Led by Ron Price

Ron Price, Founder of The Complete Leader, walks you through an in-depth debrief of the Competencies section of TTI Success Insights' TriMetrix Report.

You will explore how to take on the responsibility of knowing yourself, developing yourself, and preparing yourself for the best possible future. You'll also learn crucial leadership skills and how to prioritize those that are best aligned with the career you want to build.

TriMetrix Report Acumen Capacity Index Debrief

Led by Ron Price

Ron Price, Founder of The Complete Leader, walks you through an in-depth debrief of the Acumen Capacity Index™ section of TTI Success Insights' TriMetrix Report.

In this series of videos, you'll dive into the complexities of Acumen Capacity and review your own recurring patterns of thought. Explore how to productively apply these and develop both your talents and a greater sense of self-awareness.

TriMetrix Report Driving Forces Debrief

Led by Ron Price

Ron Price, Founder of The Complete Leader, walks you through an in-depth debrief of the Driving Forces section of TTI Success Insights' TriMetrix Report.

All individuals have a wide variety of naturally occurring interests and motivations. This video series will help you get to know your own and others' motivations, giving you a greater sense of self-awareness and a greater understanding of those around you. You'll reinforce the knowledge of what gives you fulfillment and if you can find that within your career, and how to manage and avoid conflicts by knowing others better.

Self-Guided Courses

Growing Influence Series

Led by Ron Price

Join Ron Price for this 9-session course, covering the 9 Leadership Principles from his award-winning book, Growing Influence (co-authored with Stacy Ennis).

Self-Management Learning Journey

Led by Ron Price

Join Ron Price as he leads you through a Learning Journey to grow and master self-management. One of the 27 competencies to become a Complete Leader, self-management is the ability to prioritize goals, decide what must be done, and be accountable to complete the necessary actions.

Difficult Conversations

Every day we face challenges at work, including difficult conversations with coworkers. This self-paced series covers the factors that make conversations difficult, approaches for navigating them, and strategies for succeeding at hard conversations.

Conflict Management

Led by Davina Ware

Conflict is an unavoidable part of work and life, but it is possible to manage conflict well. Join Davina Ware in navigating the ever-prominent and sometimes intimidating task of conflict management. This 6-module course is designed to clearly define this important competency and introduce you to the tools needed to confidently address conflict at work and even in your everyday life.

Planning and Organizing

Led by Dr. Francis Eberle

Every good leader knows planning and organizing is a critical skill in the workplace, one that aids many other important competencies. But, staying on top of your planning and organizing is not the easiest in today’s constantly changing and fast-paced work world.

Interpersonal Skills

Led by Davina Ware

This transformative course will equip you with the essential techniques for engaging with others, building trust and cultivating self-awareness. By developing these skills, you will master the art of interpersonal communications and establish a foundation for success in your personal and professional life.