The Personal Leadership Hour is a chance to explore topics related to self-leadership, personal growth and influence. These monthly virtual sessions offer ideas and best practices around impactful topics for leaders across the globe. 

Available trainings

Become More of a Leader and Less of a Boss

Led by Ryan Lisk

You're a person responsible for extraordinary results through other people...that's the TCL definition of Leadership. Join Ryan Lisk as he details How to Become More of a Leader and Less of a Boss.

How to Lead Meetings People Actually Want to Attend

Led by Bill Tom

Many leaders agree that most meetings are too long and unproductive. Despite that, the further you ascend in leadership, the more time you will spend in meetings. 

Get Solutions From Your Most Introverted Employees

Led by Mindy Bortness

It’s easy to get opinions from the extroverts on your team. However, the ideas and feedback of your introverts may be overlooked. This means you could be missing a lot of innovative solutions to your organization’s dilemmas. 

Organization Hacks to Get Your Time Back

Led by Jalene Case

With so many things demanding your attention, getting organized and staying organized is a daunting task that can be interruptive. Without it you risk losing pertinent information, overextending yourself, missing opportunities, and wasting too much time.

Trends and Best Practices in Performance Feedback

Led by Tanja Yardley

Human beings crave feedback, but this doesn’t mean they love getting it. Developing the skills of giving and receiving feedback, handling courageous conversations, and using feedback to supercharge performance is essential.   

Improve the Productivity of Your Remote Staff

Led by Dr. Francis Eberle

Let’s face it: Remote work is here to stay. Although there are many benefits for both employers and employees, there are some challenges too – specifically with productivity. 

Top Leadership Strategies to Motivate Employees

Led by Davina Ware

No matter your goals for this year, we can all agree that launching strong determines how successful you will be.The more equipped you are as a leader, the more impact you will have for your company, teams, and your own professional growth.

The DoKnowBe Tree

Led by Rodger Price

Effective leadership means acting in alignment with your own unique design. Leadership skills are not always inherent, but when those skills are offered through experiential and reinforced learning models, they can be developed.

Get Comfortable with Conflict

Led by Jill Morris

Differences and conflict are a natural part of life. They are challenging to navigate and cause discomfort for most of us. How we think about conflict and what we do about it depends on how confident and equipped we are to lead differences to learning, collaboration, mutual respect, and shared leadership for results. 

Master Self-Management and Minimize Distractions

Led by Trish Candler

Leaders who master self-management successfully minimize distractions and time-wasters to produce high-quality work. How do you increase this competency to become a complete leader? It starts with self-awareness – who you are, how you show up as a leader, and why you lead the way you do.

Radical Engagement: Aligning Calling, Career, Company

Led by Bill Tom

What if you could help your employees become passionate and radically engaged? Join us for our June Personal Leadership Hour where Bill Tom will highlight an underutilized process to create a winning culture and an enhanced quality of corporate life.

Be the Leader of You

Led by Jalene Case

Great leaders are successful at leading themselves first. By building your self-leadership skills, you improve your goal achievement capacity, ignite your intrinsic motivation, learn how to provide yourself with support, and create your own self-leadership system. In this Personal Leadership Hour, Jalene Case will give us a system to conduct self-leadership work, with a focus for the next 30 days. You will also receive a Self-Leadership Map to cultivate your drive to do what matters most.

Upcoming event

Increase Collaboration with Peer Learning

With Nichole MacDowell | Oct 24, 2023 at 12:00pm

The Personal Leadership Hour is a chance to explore topics related to self-leadership, personal growth and influence.