It’s easy to get opinions from the extroverts on your team. However, the ideas and feedback of your introverts may be overlooked. This means you could be missing a lot of innovative solutions to your organization’s dilemmas. 

In this dynamic Personal Leadership Hour, we’ll review DISC communication styles and identify some differences between introverted and extroverted behaviors. We’ll also build a checklist for ensuring everyone has a voice on your team, on a committee or in a meeting.

You'll discover:

  • Top-level insight into the eight communication styles of DISC
  • Best practices to attract and engage each of these styles with an emphasis on introverts
  • How to influence the conversation to ensure both introverts and extroverts contribute their best solutions to the conversation

Mindy Bortness is the founder and President of Communication Works, Inc. She is an energetic and experienced talent management professional who supports companies in lowering turnover and increasing employee productivity. She specializes in communication skills, employee engagement and leadership. Customers include retail, banking, pharma, insurance, hospitality, tech and more.

This is a recording of a live event.

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Get Solutions from Your Introverts

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Get Solutions from Your Most Introverted Employees

Get Solutions From Your Most Introverted Employees with Mindy Bortness

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