Every day we face challenges at work, including difficult conversations with coworkers. This self-paced series covers the factors that make conversations difficult, approaches for navigating them, and strategies for succeeding at hard conversations. Through a series of videos, guest presenters, podcasts, and articles, you will learn how to work more effectively with others through self-awareness, preparation, emotional intelligence, influencing others, effective communication, and feedback.  


  • Participants will increase their self-awareness and emotional intelligence (EQ), and learn the role both play in challenging conversations.
  • Participants will receive strategies and tips for working with difficult people.
  • Participants will expand their understanding of difficult conversations in areas such as negotiation and influencing others. 

What to Expect:

This series contains many opportunities and modes for learning. Included are six hours of instructional content, and 25 tasks distributed over five sessions for ease of understanding and completion. Through a mix of video presentations, activities, written content, check-in points, and an EQ Assessment, you will explore techniques for finding success with difficult conversations. 

The course is hosted by Dr. Francis Eberle with guest appearances from Ron Price, President and CEO of Price Associates, Dr. Evans Baiya of The Innovator’s Advantage, Jill Morris, Ranji Nair, and Sean Hanson representing The Complete Leader program.

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