Expert Coaches and Advisors

Whether you are looking for a coach to guide you through a career transition, an advisor to help build your business, a guide to help you manage difficult employees, or a mentor to help you hone leadership skills for enhanced success, we’ve got the expert for you.


Davina Ware

Davina Ware is a Career Transition Coach, marketing professional, and founder of Upwardly Paved Path career coaching. She helps professionals get out of their own way to transition into careers of authority that utilize their gifts and talents.

Francis Eberle

Francis coaches leaders and teams from the private and social sector who have a block to help them improve their performance.

Whit Mitchell

Whit is an executive coach specializing in team dynamics. He is the founder and CEO of Working InSync International. Over the past thirty years, Whit has worked with a diverse group of executives across Fortune 500 companies, regional corporations, and small businesses.

Bill Russell

Bill recently retired as Professor Emeriti. He last served as Dean, College of Business, and Professor of Law and Ethics. He has worked as a civil trial attorney (business law), founder/CEO of several successful start-up companies, and General Counsel of an NYSE company.

Brent Patmos

Brent Patmos is a business advisor who has spent more than thirty years forming the methodologies he uses every day in his work with leaders and their teams. Central to his approach is a concept that is simple in theory yet complex in application: Leaders need to think more.

Dale Dixon

Dale Dixon helps leaders reveal their communication skills and talents. He is an author, leadership podcast host and executive leader.

Evans Baiya

Dr. Evans Baiya is a technology and innovation strategist with nearly two decades of experience in information technology, product development, engineering, and intellectual property strategy.

Jalene Case

For the past 40 years, Jalene Case has worked in all levels of business empowering leaders to create more productive and happier teams.

Jeremy Graves

Jeremy is passionate about people development. Specifically around teams, organizational development, leadership and Generational Synchronicity.

Jill Morris

Jill is a leadership consultant, corporate trainer, business coach, speaker and author. She is a founder of ChoiceWorks, Inc.

John Kerrick

For over thirty years John Kerrick has had professional experience as a manager, educator, coach, and consultant in a variety of settings. He focuses on helping leaders and managers create and maintain effective organizations characterized by high productivity, high morale, and high motivation.

Lisa Aldisert

Dr. Lisa M. Aldisert is an internationally recognized business advisor, trend expert, speaker and author. She is president of Pharos Alliance Inc., an executive advisory firm specializing in strategic planning, organizational and leadership development for entrepreneurial organizations.