Hire a Coach

The Right Fit. Begin your work with one of our seasoned coaches. Over three sessions, you’ll explore the results of your TriMetrix DNA assessment and come away with a better understanding of your strengths, what motivates you, and the behaviors you bring to work.

New Leader of People. Designed for leaders who have been promoted in the last two years, this 12-session package is designed to last six months. Your coach will walk alongside you as you navigate and grow in your new role, and will also meet twice with your manager. You will explore the results of your TriMetrixEQ and DNA assessments, diving deeper into your strengths, behaviors, motivators and emotional intelligence—with the goal of applying your insight to increased success in your new position.

Experienced Leader or Executive. Work with an experienced coach as you set goals, navigate challenges and increase self-awareness. Set in six-month increments, your coaching relationship and frequency of meetings will be determined by you and the coach. It will include a road map, regular sessions, and a full debrief of your TriMetrixHD and EQ assessments. Investment depends on length and frequency.

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