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Portland, ME 04101
United States

Francis feels that people development is business development and is passionate about helping people perform at their best. He has had over 25 years of leadership experience from launching a startup, to being a CEO for two organizations. He knows the importance of people. Any success he enjoyed happened through discovering the finest in people and assisting them in leading themselves. Now he works with companies and nonprofits with strategy, leadership coaching, team dynamics, utilizing assessments as catalyst for change, and job profiles for hiring people. He is also a facilitator for The Complete Leader program. His book, Connected Leadership, is now accompanied by a workbook of exercises for individuals and teams.

Focus: Francis is a coach and team dynamics specialist helping companies and organizations improve their performance with their human potential. He is an author and co-author for an additional three books. Francis is certified as a coach, a behavioral, motivation, axiological and EQ analyst. He has a master’s degree in educational psychology and Ph.D. in Educational Leadership.



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Step Back and Let Others Lead

By Dr. Francis Eberle • 3 min read

When I talk to groups and I often tell them that leaders should step back more. The biggest concern I hear in response is that if they step back

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

By Dr. Francis Eberle • 3 min read

Working in these three areas will ultimately have you designing your culture while building engagement and boosting retention.

134. Connected LeadershiP (Series Ep. 1)

• 21 min

Host Dale Dixon and TCL Facilitator and author Dr. Francis Eberle talk today about the importance of defining purpose as a leader. Francis outlines why leaders must engage their employees to help lead

Ask a Coach: How Can I Work Less Hours Without Obligation?

By Dr. Francis Eberle & Jalene Case • 11 min

TCL Faculty and Leadership Coaches Dr. Francis Eberle and Jalene Case advise an employee who feels obligated to work late because their supervisor does.

Build a People Strategy That Will Strengthen Your Company

Led by Dr. Francis Eberle

A vast number of employees are leaving jobs and accepting new ones. Dr. Francis Eberle doesn’t believe that what is being called The Great Resignation is temporary. Explore the reasons for this phenomenon and learn how you can strengthen your organization against it—by creating a people strategy. Successful companies make a people strategy a key part of their organizational strategy. In this microcourse, learn the elements of a people strategy and how it can change your company for the better.

Premium Article

What Style of Leader Are You and Does it Matter?

By Dr. Francis Eberle • 4 min read

Generalizations about leadership style are easy, but become messy in the reality of people and structures.

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