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Dr. Evans Baiya is a technology and innovation strategist with nearly two decades of experience in information technology, product development, engineering, and intellectual property strategy. He is a consultant, advisor, trainer, and co-author of ‘The Innovator’s Advantage’ and ‘Optimizing Strategy for Results.’ He speaks on the importance of innovation and futuristic thinking for every organization, and his energetic style leaves companies inspired to discover their next big idea.

He believes people are at the heart of innovation and strategy— yet so many processes fail to include them properly during creation, planning, and execution. His six-stage process enables everyone to understand their place along the innovation continuum, from the stages where they thrive to those they should avoid. And it’s all backed by a deep, scientific understanding of inherent skills, behaviors, talents, and motivators—meaning, it’s tailored to you, your employees, and the way you think and work. 

Focus:  PhD, MBA


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