Dr. Evans Baiya, InnovationManagement.se, July 2021

Problem-solving is an essential skill as an innovator. If problems stump your employees, how can your organization ever innovate for customers? Luckily, problem-solving skills can be learned, and as a leader you can create a team of master problem solvers and innovators.

Most employees already apply some problem-solving skills every day. They just do so to varying degrees of success based on their experiences and their environment. Some employees are good at identifying problems, some at problem strategizing or resolution and some at delivering solutions. Yet you can’t just tell them to go and solve all of the organization’s problems based on their current problem-solving abilities. Problem-solving skills require a structured approach so that they can be mastered. Your employees need to be able to ask questions, check their biases and use a variety of tools to track and ideate potential solutions. All employees can and should learn how to effectively practice these three techniques for problem solving. Read more.