Definition: Achieving extraordinary business results through people.

Great leadership culminates in achieving results through the efforts and talents of your team. This section will help you discover who you are and who you want to be. And you will find resources, tips, and insights to help you get there. A pivotal part of leadership is thinking, doing and reacting authentically. These skills and others, such as recognizing defining moments and being open, will help you to discover your true leadership style. Once you are able to understand your true leadership style, you will be able to leverage your strengths and build upon your weaknesses.

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6 Ways to Maximize Employee Happiness During the Holiday Season

By Dr. Evans Baiya

As the holidays approach, consider these six ways to maximize employee happiness and productivity during the holiday season and beyond.

The Thoughtful Entrepreneur Podcast with Ron Price

By Ron Price

Ron shares his leadership journey and lessons he's learned on empathy, strategy, and communication with The Thoughtful Entrepreneur Podcast.

TCL Testimonial with Jill Morris

By Jill Morris

"The magic happened for me when I got to see The Complete Leader Program in action...people were learning to lead from the inside out. By doing that they are better able to connect and collaborate."

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

By Dr. Francis Eberle

Working in these three areas will ultimately have you designing your culture while building engagement and boosting retention.

How to Communicate Effectively with Everyone on Your Team

By Dr. Evans Baiya

As a leader and an innovator, communication is one of the most essential tools you have in your toolbox. But it's not always easy.

TCL Testimonial with Mindy Bortness

By Mindy Bortness

"I don't even think about it anymore; it's how I live my life."

The Complete Leader Skills Assessment

By Ron Price

The Complete Leader Founder, Ron Price, describes the features and benefits of the 125 leadership skills assessment -  which is available to members of The Complete Leader Community.

TCL Testimonial with Jalene Case

Jalene Case, business owner and TCL Faculty member, shares the moment when everything sparked for one of her clients during The Complete Leader Program.

TTI Assessments: Trimetrix HD Stress Quotient Report

By Ron Price

The Complete Leader Founder, Ron Price, describes the features and details of the TTI Stress Quotient Report.


Padraig Berry shares how he uses different routines in his work and life to build success in this short clip.

TCL Testimonial with Bill Tom

In this short clip, managing partner of Infoquest, certified Exit Planning Advisor, and faculty member for The Complete Leader, Bill Tom talks about why he recommends The Complete Leader Program.