Trish Candler

“The Greatest” Change

By Trish Candler

In my home town we recently buried a local hero, known around the world as Muhammad Ali. There have been many commentaries on his life, his courage, his greatness and his ability to connect to so many different types of people. Just consider his eulogists – and the life experiences they described.

This is not another story of the lengthy attributes of Ali though many are still to be written. My focus is on change.

Are You Afraid of Self-Awareness?

By Trish Candler

What two words can elicit fear for most people? Public speaking. Just the thought of having to speak in public terrifies some individuals. Yet, no one seems to have died from the mere act of speaking in public. So what is it about public speaking that creates such strong emotions? Perhaps there are two additional words for people to consider—self-awareness. Talk about eliciting fear; this usually gets your attention. 

A Roadmap for New Leaders

By Trish Candler

The Power of Self-Management

Why this often overlooked, yet impactful competency defines a leader

“Self-management isn’t something we typically ask leaders to develop. The successful leaders I get to work with are able to work independently, prioritize activities and accomplish high-quality work with clarity of focus. These are the tenants of effective self-management,” says Trish Candler, the newest member of the TCL faculty. 

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