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Developing Next Gen Leadership

Today our guest is Bill Tom, managing partner of Infoquest, certified Exit Planning Advisor, and faculty member for The Complete Leader. Bill talks about the nuances of succession planning. He gives tips for identifying the next generation of leadership in your company, uncovering their values and skillsets, and why it’s critical to align Millennial values with the values of your organization.

Creating Momentum at Nairobi Innovation Week

Last month Price Associates team member Dr. Evans Baiya travelled to Africa to present at Nairobi Innovation Week. In its second year, the event was well attended and full of innovation and inspiration. We sat down with Dr. Baiya to learn more. 

1. What is Nairobi Innovation Week?

Disrupting the Status Quo

This week our guest is Nkosana Mazibisa, founder of Mazibisa Inc., a brand strategy firm. Nkosana is a visiting fellow at Dartmouth under the Young African Leadership Initiative and was recently featured on Forbes Africa 30 under 30. He talks today about the importance of being able to see beyond the present, the role of Millennial leaders in shaping the future, and why he has made it a personal goal to create 2,000 jobs in his home region in Africa.

Solving the Leadership Crisis

Our guest today is Ron Price, who is an international business advisor, speaker and the author of six books, the most recent of which is The Complete Leader. He is also the President and CEO of Price Associates. Ron defines the leadership crisis, and tells us why leadership means something different to Millennials than it does to older generations of leaders. He explains how to transform the learning process at your company, and why organizations need to consider leadership development for everyone in their organization. Follow Ron @ronprice89

3 Ways to Create Balanced Leadership in Your Organization

by Andy Johnson

The most successful leaders must learn to identify the two opposing yet necessary leadership styles and include both to create healthy balance. Here are three things you can implement right now that will move your organization closer to this sweet spot:

The Tao of Change

The Four Elements of Thoughtful Business Disruption
By Courtney Feider

The concept and the urgency of change is everywhere. For the past decade or so, we've been gradually subscribing to it as a culture—in the realms of diet, alternative medicine, meditation, mindfulness.  

Hiring the Right People for Your Company

Our guest is Dr. Ranjit Nair, a leadership and talent management advisor with Price Associates, speaker and author. Dr. Nair is a former HR executive who helps companies build talent strategies that are aligned to company goals. Today he tells us why hiring is more challenging than ever, and shares his tips for hiring the right fit, opportunities for improvement in the interview process, and the four necessary measurements of job benchmarking.

“The Greatest” Change

By Trish Candler

In my home town we recently buried a local hero, known around the world as Muhammad Ali. There have been many commentaries on his life, his courage, his greatness and his ability to connect to so many different types of people. Just consider his eulogists – and the life experiences they described.

This is not another story of the lengthy attributes of Ali though many are still to be written. My focus is on change.

5 Essential Measurements for Making the Right Hire

By Dr. Ranjit Nair, AllBusiness.com, July 2016

Effective talent management starts with hiring the right employees—those who can help a company build value and delight its customers.

How Leaders Can Help Employees Through Change

By Whit Mitchell

For many people, change can be uncomfortable. They find comfort in the way things have been done and instinctively try to go back to the way things were. Back to where patterns are known, and there are no surprises. 

Others see change as an opportunity to be more creative and be more opportunistic.
Some people love change, but most don’t.

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