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138. The Importance of Self-Awareness in Growing Influence

Hosted by Dale Dixon | Apr 15, 2022

Host Dale Dixon and TCL Author and Founder Ron Price describe the significance of growing from consciousness to being conscious in making good judgements for senior leaders.

The Elements of Collaboration

By Dr. Francis Eberle | Apr 14, 2022

These days we hear and read a lot about collaboration. Organizations say they value collaboration, and teams want more of it.

Three Steps to Flexible Leadership

By Ron Price | Mar 31, 2022

When I think about flexibility, I often think about trees. Trees show off their flexibility in the way they endure storms or handle wind, ice, and snow.

Design Celebration Practices for You and Your Team

By Jalene Case | Mar 24, 2022

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to skip celebrating you or team’s accomplishments?

How to Strategize for Disruption

By Dr. Evans Baiya | Mar 17, 2022

The idea of creating a resilient strategy seems to come up in conversation again and again these days.

Aspirational vs Desperational Leadership

By Ron Price | Mar 10, 2022

After decades in leadership, I’ve noticed that often what you become most passionate about are the things you realize you didn’t do quite right yourself.

The Bedrock Of Successful Strategy: Purpose

| Mar 3, 2022

Creating a long-lasting strategic foundation for your organization is not easy. Many leaders struggle in creating a successful strategy.

137. Emotions and the Quality of Our Thinking

Hosted by Dale Dixon | Feb 28, 2022

Host Dale Dixon and TCL Author and Founder Ron Price discuss the role of emotion in our thinking as leaders.

Is Communication Sabotaging Your Ability to Innovate?

By Dr. Evans Baiya | Feb 18, 2022

Avoid these four communications landmines as you navigate the stages of innovation.