Jeremy Graves, PhD

Jeremy is passionate about people development. Specifically around teams, organizational development, leadership and Generational Synchronicity. I have a strong desire to see individuals and organizations assess their current leadership pipeline and develop, implement, train and deploy leaders within their organization.

Multi- Generational leadership, creativity in the workplace, driving accountability, Strategic planning and city partnerships are some of my specialties. I have traveled both nationally and internationally working with organizations addressing organizational and leadership needs.

He holds a doctorate in transformational leadership and work in both for profit and non-profit circles. I long to see individuals connect their values to their every day work. Once individuals find what they are passionate about, work ceases to be mundane and turns into something life giving and life changing. I desire to be apart of organizations that honor and value integrity, innovation, creativity, and fun.

Leading the multi-generational team, process and change management, strategic planning, leadership development, enhancing company culture and engaging in strategic, city, and state wide partnerships are just a few of the things that motivate and drive me.

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