Jalene Case


Newport, OR 97365
United States

For the past 40 years, Jalene Case has worked in all levels of business empowering leaders to create more productive and happier teams. She holds a Masters in Education with a focus in organizational learning and has earned certifications in professional coaching and various assessment tools in order to offer clients a unique support strategy for reaching their goals. Passionate in her work, she is naturally willing to go all-in to encourage people to reach higher and take action, moving from uncertainty to clarity, from complexity to simplicity, from chaos to order.

Focus:  EdM, PCC, CPCC


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Ask a Coach: How Can I Work Less Hours Without Obligation?

By Dr. Francis Eberle & Jalene Case • 11 min

TCL Faculty and Leadership Coaches Dr. Francis Eberle and Jalene Case advise an employee who feels obligated to work late because their supervisor does.

Seven Ways to Remove Obstacles

By Jalene Case • 4 min read

You can have well-planned, daring, or exciting goals and still get knocked off track. In fact, I can pretty much guarantee it.

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How to Create an Environment that Supports You

By Jalene Case • 3 min read

The environment we build for ourselves—both externally and internally—influences how we show up and engage in our lives. Look around you. As you take in you

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The Power of Coming Back to Your Foundation

By Jalene Case • 4 min read

Experiencing imbalance and balance is part of living. How might we lead ourselves from chaos to order? Carl Jung said, “In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all

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5 Tips to Habits that Fit Your Life Now

By Jalene Case • 4 min read

Positive habits result in a sweet sense of satisfaction. Are your habits doing that for you? If not, it might be time to strengthen the routines you want to kee

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Create a Goal System that Works for You

By Jalene Case • 4 min read

Simply setting a goal and expecting to reach it is a recipe for ongoing angst. A goal you truly desire to achieve needs a solid foundation, stepping stones, and

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