Brent Patmos


Canton, OH 44701
United States

Brent Patmos is a business advisor who has spent more than thirty years forming the methodologies he uses every day in his work with leaders and their teams. Central to his approach is a concept that is simple in theory yet complex in application: Leaders need to think more. The ability to think beyond what they know—to be open to doing things differently from the past—sets leaders on a path toward radical change that propels company sustainability beyond the leader’s watch.

As principal and CEO of Perpetual Development Inc., Brent guides privately held and family owned businesses through transition and evolution. Over the years, he has worked with more than 125 privately held companies and their senior executives, having trained and assessed more than 5,000 sales and business professionals. Brent helps leaders create sustainable business growth and cultural continuity by providing transition clarity, developing leadership competencies and advancing strategic thinking.