Understanding & Evaluating Others

Definition: The capacity to perceive and understand the feelings and attitudes of others.

Understanding and evaluating others is the ability to see the individuality in others and to recognize a person’s unique point of view. This competency also relates directly to the skill of empathy (another competency in this module); improving your empathy will help improve your ability to understand and evaluate others. Mastering the techniques in this section will allow you to help team members both identify talents and match their talents to the appropriate jobs, among other evaluation methods.

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The New Opportunity: Connect With Your People

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Leading Others: Expanding Your Impact

By Ron Price | Apr 7, 2021

What does leading others really entail? This second stage of your leadership career is when you begin to have a larger influence and to expand your impact as a leader.

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Using Human Behavior to Make Better Virtual Connections at Work

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Managing Different Personalities at Work with Jaime Lisk

By Jaime Lisk | Feb 22, 2021

In this short video, Leadership Coach, Trainer & Speaker Jaime Lisk talks about managing different personalities at work. She offers tips for identifying employee styles and explains how to use this information to improve your leadership.

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Unpacking Remote Management

By Dr. Lisa Aldisert | Jan 27, 2021

Many of us are a good ten months into managing a remote workforce. Although some have done well and even flourished, others are stumbling. This can be frustrati