Self-starters demonstrate initiative and willingness to begin working without waiting for direction. Those who are skilled in this competency possess a strong work ethic and belief in getting results regardless of circumstances. Tomorrow’s leaders will use self-starting to proactively achieve objectives to realize the company vision quickly and avoid potential setbacks. As you practice self-starting, you will become more self-assured, persistent, conscientious, and assertive which allows you to lead projects and people effectively.

Becoming a Self-Starter

By Dr. Francis Eberle | May 27, 2022

Recently a client of mine who is a self-starter decided to change jobs. Moves like this take a great deal of effort.

Nine Strategies for Being the Leader of You

By Jalene Case | Apr 27, 2022

Being a good leader of others starts with leading ourselves and yet, it’s still not a commonly discussed topic.