Definition: Convincing others to change the way they think, believe or behave.

Persuasion is the ability to convince others to change their actions, decisions, opinions or thinking. Mastering this competency is the way leaders become leaders. Persuasive people are generally friendly, polite, trustworthy and knowledgeable. In this section, you will learn persuasion tips such as presenting ideas in a logical and reasonable manner, and combining your logic with a positive emotional appeal.

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Ideas to Get Better at Persuasion

Want to improve your Persuasion skills? Check out this graphic for a variety of ideas that you can start implementing right away to improve your score.

Persuasion: How Leaders Can Inspire Commitment in Their Teams

By Ron Price • 3 min read

Of all the skills in the Complete Leader skillset library, persuasion is one that never elicits a neutral response.

Persuasion: Building Trust With Your Team

In this short video, Executive Coach and TCL faculty member Ryan Lisk talks about the importance of improving your ability of persuasion in a logical and reasonable manner.

Persuasion: How Leaders Can Inspire Commitment in Their Teams

• 19 min

Host Dale Dixon and Executive Advisor Ron Price talk today about the skill of Persuasion--the positive and negative responses it can elicit, and what it really means for a leader to master persuasion.

Persuasion: The Business of Influencing People

In this short video, The Complete Leader faculty and executive advisor, Lisa Aldisert discusses some of the characteristics that a leader should possess in order to persuade effectively.

TCL Video Series: Persuasion with Justin Foster

In this short video, TCL faculty member Justin Foster talks about using persuasion to move people, and being able to see every person you are leading as unique individuals.

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Developing Persuasion is a Daily Pursuit

Effective leaders take people places they wouldn’t otherwise go, and inspire people to make commitments they wouldn’t otherwise make.