Definition: Facilitating agreements between two or more parties.

Negotiation is the ability to constructively facilitate agreements between two or more people. Negotiating innovative solutions that include all parties is a critical asset for leaders. Those who excel at negotiation consider all opinions and facts before drawing conclusions. This competency supports a leader’s ability to manage differences and bring parties together. In this section, you will learn the techniques needed to explore common expectations and mutual benefits to create a win-win negotiation.

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4 Tips to Successful Negotiating

By Ron Price • 5 min read

Use these four steps for a chance to negotiate in a way that everyone leaves feeling like they got something better than they were envisioning at the start.

Your Negotiation Checklist

By Jill Morris & Steve Morris • 2 min read

Negotiations do not have to be complicated. Try these 16 steps to accountable negotiation.

Is the Client Really Always Right?

By Dr. Lisa Aldisert • 1 min read

The adage “the client is always right” does not carry the heft that it used to…but it still bears the same kind of angst when deciding how to handle delic

Growing Your Negotiation Skills

• 22 min

Host Dale Dixon interviews Leadership and Change Management Advisor Lori McNeill about the components that make up effective Negotiation.

How to Convince Your Boss to Send You to Training

By Jaime Lisk • 3 min read

You’ve found the perfect training to attend – it’s a topic you have been curious about for the past year,

Negotiation: Optimizing Our Relationships

In this short video, TCL faculty member Ron Price talks about how negotiation supports a leader’s ability to manage differences and bring parties together.

Negotiation: Agreeing To a Mutual Outcome

In this short video, TCL Faculty Member, Wade Johnson gives you tools to get the results you want from Negotiation and reasons that this skill is critical to succeed as a leader.

Negotiation: Facilitating Agreements Between Two or More Parties

• 25 min

Host Dale Dixon and executive coach Ron Price talk about Negotiation this week, and how this elusive and often complicated skill is truly the basis for ongoing relationships. Ron defines and gives examples of the four

Negotiation: Arranging the Puzzle Pieces

In this short video, Communication Coach at InfoQuest Sean Hansen tells us why Negotiation is important for leaders and outlines ways to improve this skill set in the workplace.

What Are You Compromising?

• 13 min

Our guest is Chris Steely, Founder and Managing Director of GPS Business Group. Chris is a highly decorated Marine Corps logistics officer, and a national collegiate rowing champion, gold medalist and coach.

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Ideas to Get Better at Negotiation

Want to improve your Negotiation skills? Check out this graphic for a variety of ideas that you can start implementing right away to improve your score.