Leaders Lead Themselves

Using Gross National Happiness Tools to Find Fulfillment at Work

By Dr. Francis Eberle • 5 min read

Success today is often equated with busyness, 24/7 digital connection, and little time for thinking or reflecting—yet 84% of all employees are stressed.

Turn Your Experience into Leadership Influence

By Davina Ware

Women are more degreed than ever and hold increasingly more leadership positions in the business world. However, there’s an invisible wall.

A Personal Story of Resiliency: Overcoming Adversity and Building Strength

By Alex Banks • 4 min read

Resiliency is not about never experiencing failure or setbacks, but about using those experiences to become stronger and more successful.

How to Create a Habit Chain

By Jalene Case • 2 min read

To start making your habits work better for you, pay attention to what you do consistently every workday. Notice if some of your bad habits sneak up on you.

The Triangle of Choice

By Padraig Berry • 3 min

Padraig Berry discusses the Triangle of Choice in this short video, offering up questions from "Leadership Simple" by Jill and Steve Morris on how to take control of your perceptions.

Ask a Coach: I'm Burned Out. Should I Start Looking for a New Job?

By Tanja Yardley • 14 min

TCL Faculty and Innovation Coach Tanja Yardley gives feedback to a burned-out professional considering leaving the company.

Personal & Professional Development Panel

By Whit Mitchell , Dr. Francis Eberle , & Jalene Case • 24 min

Leadership and Career Transition Coach Davina Ware interviews three of The Complete Leader Faculty Members, Whit Mitchell, Francis Eberle, and Jalene Case, on Personal and Professional Development.