Leaders Are Clear Thinkers

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Futuristic Thinking Coaching Guide

Futuristic thinkers have the ability to look past the events of today and into the possibilities of tomorrow.

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Decision-Making Coaching Guide

Decision making is the ability to analyze all aspects of a situation to gain thorough insight to make decisions.

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Problem Solving Ability Coaching Guide

Leaders with an aptitude for problem-solving have the ability to analyze, diagnose and deal with problems effectively.

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Continuous Learning Coaching Guide

Continuous learning is the desire to continually improve your skillset by gathering new knowledge.

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Creativity Coaching Guide

Creative leaders are able to combine ideas in new and unique ways to produce a desired result.

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Conceptual Thinking Coaching Guide

Tomorrow’s leaders will need to think conceptually across all facets to compete in a diverse and growing economy.

Success Cycle

By Padraig Berry • 7 min

Padraig Berry shares six simple—but not easy—steps to success in this short video.

Sneaky Ways to Find Time for Professional Development

By Nichole MacDowell • 1 min read

By finding small ways to commit to continuous learning, you will start to see shifts take place in your work and home life.

Ready to Supercharge Your Vision Board?

By Jalene Case • 1 min read

Being able to “see” what you want teaches your brain to pay attention to what will help make your vision a reality.

How to Plan and Organize as a Team

By Ron Price • 1 min read

Planning and organizing is a crucial skill for any individual, but how can it help your team? I actually discovered this myself the hard way.

Slow Down to Realize the Benefits of Planning and Organizing

By Ron Price • 2 min read

Setting a goal can be inspirational and motivational on its own, but if you don't convert that goal into a detailed plan, it might as well be wishful thinking.