Diane had worked at the same company for many years. During that time she hadn’t always felt confident that upper management was hearing her voice on important issues. She learned that lay-offs were scheduled, and she was being forced to eliminate some of her strongest talent. She disagreed with this business move and decided to meet with upper management about it.

A Message the Manager Will Hear
During her TCL leadership training, she had taken the DISC assessment, and had really started to apply the results to her communication. Using this new skill, Diane was able to determine how to present her case so that her manager would hear her points—and care about them. It was her first disagreement with her boss, and she planned to keep it very logical and factual. She used her manager’s preferred communications style, and by the end of the meeting he was eager to hear her solutions for the problems the company was facing.

Diane’s improved communication style and recognition by upper management has resulted in her taking on more responsibility, receiving a promotion, and increasing her influence across the company, even reaching to other office locations after a restructure.