Peter was a mid-level manager who did not feel connected to his team. He met with them only occasionally and couldn’t adequately report what they were working on. Because of this, he took on more work himself, which made it more difficult to find the time to manage his people. He also didn’t feel completely confident in his leadership style, and reported a low engagement score at work.

Meaningful Meetings
During the TCL program, Peter took the TriMetrix® HD assessment, which gave him a clearer picture of his strengths and his unique management style. He was able to see the value in his thought process and how that applied to success on his team. With the help of his TCL coach, he created an engagement plan to connect with his employees. He started meeting with them on a regular basis and with a predetermined agenda.

Peter realized that by devoting time to each employee, he could make a major difference in how the team worked together—and in the productivity of his employees. Not only that, but once he created a clear vision with each person, the employees reported higher engagement and improved team building. And Peter’s workload decreased. Due to his enhanced management abilities, he received a promotion that included another region.