Jim had had a full career in the military, performing life-saving work under strenuous circumstances. When he transitioned to a civilian profession, his work satisfaction was low. He enjoyed his job as a department leader, but his heart wasn’t in it—he felt like his purpose had already been lived out in the military.

Changing Perspective
Jim worked with his TCL coach to develop a revised perspective of the work he was doing. He realized that his management role, while not lifesaving, was focused on providing a higher quality of life for patients. This shift completely transformed the way he viewed his work. It also provided him the opportunity to reflect on his role in the company as a whole.

When Jim’s company experienced significant change, he was able to take his newfound perspective and emerge as a leader in change management, helping his department through the transition. Not only that, but at the end of the program, he rated his job satisfaction at a 9 (versus a 2 when he started the program).