Lori McNeill

Are You Too Busy to Recognize the Talent That's In Front of You?

By Lori McNeill | Mar 25, 2020

It is all too common for managers to have busy schedules to the point of having back-to-back meetings all day long.

Dancing Down the Mountain: A Lesson in Change Management

By Lori McNeill | Feb 6, 2020

I recently took a trip to the mountains of Austria. My destination was a beautiful ski resort and my goal was to learn how to ski.

6 Steps to a Strategy That Works

By Lori McNeill | Jan 24, 2020

I recently worked with a client regarding their strategy for the upcoming year. I started by asking them to share their current year’s strategy, goals and out

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How to Define Success Daily

By Lori McNeill | May 20, 2019

How often do we go throughout our days without truly thinking about how we can create success that day?

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Accountability Begins with You

By Lori McNeill | Feb 22, 2019

Often, when we think about accountability, we don’t necessarily think about it in regards to ourselves. Instead, we start thinking about it in terms of everyo

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What Really Motivates Employees

By Lori McNeill | Mar 16, 2018

Are employees at your organization disengaged? Do you find it challenging to get buy-in regarding initiatives or tasks that are critical to your success?

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Does Your Company Understand Cultural Intelligence?

By Lori McNeill & Dr. Bobby Sanchez | Sep 11, 2017

In today’s global economy, Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is now more important than ever. With deregulation and the ability to easily transport goods and service