Optimizing Strategy for Results differs from other books on strategy in four main ways. First, it introduces strategic foundation, composed of purpose, core values, and vision as a distinct stage. We argue that strategy cannot be developed and executed without establishing this foundation, an argument that is not found in many strategy books. 

Second, many books that have stages tend to combine generation of options and their selection as one stage. We separated and created a generation of options as a distinct stage. This is the more creative and fun part of the strategy process that helps to create many strategic options that give an organization better choice in developing a strategy that works. In addition, we offer tools for the evaluation of options, which tends to be missing in many books. 

Third, we believe that strategy is an ongoing process of continuous learning, development, and execution. We feel that evaluation and learning are often ignored in many works on strategy. In Optimizing Strategy for Results, we go beyond implementation to evaluate and learn from our experiences in the strategy process. We have therefore created strategic evaluation and learning as one of the stages that cuts across the strategy continuum. 

Further, we have combined the seven stages with a constant communication loop. We believe this helps to align individuals’ and teams’ actions, visions, and purposes with the organizational priorities, vision, and purpose in preparing, developing, and optimizing strategy. This iterative communication is also critical in building an appropriate culture, contributes to strategy ownership and collaboration across the organization, and increases commitment to strategy. 

Finally, this book guides the reader to develop and execute strategy that produces optimum results. In addition, we care about helping leaders prepare for, develop, and implement strategy. That is why we not only provide a book but walk alongside the reader and practitioner in their journey towards mastering strategy by providing additional resources, tools, case studies, and ideas through the book and website.

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