By Ron Price

Last week, I became aware of the reality that we had programs running concurrently in several U.S. states and multiple countries around the world all on the same day. Many years ago, I had the simple desire to help leaders grow and change their worlds. Though still small in stature, many friends and colleagues are helping us make this a reality.

In 2018, we had over 10 active cohorts for The Complete Leader Program. These cohorts met in the United States, Canada, Spain, Brazil and Ireland. The Complete Leader book was translated into Spanish, French, and Simplified Chinese, adding to our earlier editions in English and Turkish. As I write this, friends are also translating the book into Russian.

I don’t write this to be boastful. Instead, I’m full of gratitude for the scores of coaches, facilitators and consultants who have partnered with us since January of 2017. Several of these people deserve special recognition:

  • Nichole MacDowell, our Director of PR & Communications, lead a team in re-designing throughout 2018 and then guided us through a successful launch of this new and improved website in January 2019, which is translatable into multiple languages through Google translator.
  • Dale Dixon, the host of The Complete Leader Podcasts, where we now have well over 100 topically-based podcasts available on demand.
  • Rhea & Drew Allen, Peppershock Media Group, who have provided multi-faceted technical support from web hosting to video production and editing.
  • Whit Mitchell, executive coach and facilitator, who has pioneered the public enrollment cohorts as well as providing us expertise as a world class experiential learning facilitator.
  • Andy Johnson, PhD, who facilitated and coached extensively at the same time as he was earning his PhD in Organizational Psychology.
  • Lori McNeill, who co-facilitated a cohort while carrying a very full coaching load as well as completing her coursework for a Masters in Psychology at Harvard University.
  • Mindy Bortness, who facilitated two cohorts and earned special recognition for her coaching skills.
  • Courtney Feider, for her facilitation and coaching skills, as well as serving as a subject matter expert on mastering creativity.
  • Jeremy Graves, DMD, who has served as a facilitator, coach, and subject matter experts on intergenerational leadership.
  • Francis Eberle, PhD, who carried a very full coaching load in spite of suffering a terrible biking accident and extended recovery period.
  • John Kerrick, who brought his exceptional coaching and facilitation skills to multiple cohorts.
  • Padraig Berryand NiamH Anne McCann, who launched the inaugural cohorts in Ireland and created valuable coaching guides for many of the leadership skills of The Complete Leader.
  • Justin Foster, who ignited several cohorts with his contributions around building the leader’s personal brand.
  • Evans Baiya, PhD, who contributed to several cohorts with his “leader as innovator” wisdom.
  • Juan Pablo Ortizand Javier Mavario, who launched the inaugural Complete Leader cohort in Spain.
  • Mary Carmen Cornejoand Hugo Saucedo, who lead the translation of The Complete Leader book in Spanish
  • Chris Ma and Leon Kong, who lead the translation of The Complete Leader in Simplified Chinese.
  • Patrick Leconte, who lead the translation of The Complete Leader book into French.
  • Hasan Tahsin Güngör and Nihan Serra Güngör, who lead the translation of The Complete Leader into Turkish as the first non-English translation (back in 2016)
  • Steve and Jill Morris, who have contributed through their content and presentations around helping people lead themselves.
  • Jennifer Regner, from Aloha Publishing, who guided me through a new, revised edition of The Complete Leader Companion, now available for the first time on
  • Pamela Price who continually supports our work as our business and finance manager.

I’m also grateful for every program sponsor, cohort participant, and graduate of The Complete Leader Program, for making our work worthwhile and continually growing your influence to make a difference in your families, your organizations, and with your customers.

We are excited about building on the success of all these people in the coming years. If you would like to find out how you can become part of The Complete Leader Community, please write to us at [email protected]