The 12 Skills Needed Lead Others

How Many Have You Mastered?

A leader is someone who achieves goals through the efforts of others; therefore being a high-performing leader is dependent on working well with people.

Do you know what it takes to effectively lead others, across all facets? Are you developing your leadership skills in all the ways that matter? Luckily, The Complete Leader has identified all 12 competencies needed to lead others, and can help you develop the skills to encourage greatness within your team.

Capturing the 12 Competencies for Leading Others:

  • Empathy—the ability to “see it as they see it” and “feel it as they feel it”
  • Understanding & Evaluating Others—the ability to understand others clearly without bias
  • Presenting Skills—the ability to communicate ideas effectively with a group verbally
  • Written Communications—the ability to articulate a written message in a clear and compelling manner
  • Diplomacy & Tact—the ability to treat others fairly
  • Interpersonal Skills—the ability to connect with others in a positive way
  • Persuasion—the ability to convince others to change their actions, decisions, opinions and thinking
  • Negotiation—the ability to constructively facilitate agreements between people
  • Conflict Management—the ability to address and resolve the contradictory interests or values of multiple parties
  • Teamwork—the ability to work cooperatively with others to achieve group objectives
  • Employee Development & Coaching—the ability to facilitate and support the professional growth of others
  • Customer Focus—the ability to consistently build long-term relationships based on the delivery of a product or service

Learn more about all 12 competencies under Leaders Lead Others, as well as ways that you can build these skills.

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