Leadership Assessment

The 12 questions in the sample leadership assessment below were taken from the 125-question comprehensive assessment that is available to members to measure their mastery of the 25 competencies included in The Complete Leader. Interested in taking the complete assessment? Click here to join our community.

Rate your skills in each competency by moving the scale/indicator or inserting the appropriate number. Your results will be tabulated automatically.

Sample Assessment

I seem to have the ability to “look around the corner” to see the future in ways others don’t.
I have a list of conceptual models or organizing principles that I use regularly in my leadership and share with others.
I enjoy brainstorming and “out-of-the-box” thinking with others.
I have a defined professional development plan for the next twelve months or longer.
I take the responsibility to know and negotiate the expectations others have toward me and ask for feedback.
I track my results and achieve 80 percent or more of my written goals.
I find it easy to set aside my assumptions about others so I can understand them at deeper levels of insight.
I reject stereotyping others based on their ethnicity, beliefs, age, gender or personalities and see each person as unique.
I wait one day before sending written messages that are complex or emotional.
I maintain some type of database of key relationships, and I review it regularly.
I receive unsolicited referrals or endorsements from my customers, whether internal or external.
I have a clear mental picture of the “best me,” and I follow this picture in the way I think, act and relate.

Sample Assessment Results Form