Leadership Development Program

You’re ready to prepare your company for the Leadership Drought. You recognize the need for effective leadership training that will give your organization a long-term competitive advantage.

The Complete Leader is the solution.

Whether you’re just identifying your company’s emerging leaders, or you’re ready to bolster your current leadership team, each program is customized around developing the skills that matter most to your organization and formatted specifically for your company. There are no one-size-fits-all offerings here.

Who Is It For?

The Complete Leader is designed for companies that recognize that leadership development is critical to strengthening both company culture and the bottom line. It is a scalable program that can be tailored to every leader in your organization, from senior leaders to those who are just emerging and slated for future leadership roles.

How Does The Complete Leader Work?

The Complete Leader rapidly prepares leaders by immersing them in the 25 competencies required to be a high-performing leader, which are based on both timeless principles and 21st century methodologies.  

We start by interviewing the senior leader in order to intimately understand the team’s needs. TCL is an 18-month program, with meetings every 90 days. The group meets six different times, constituting eight full days of work, and between sessions there are both team and individual assignments to promote practical application of the competencies.

The group also receives an extensive variety of diagnostics to develop a deeper level of self-awareness. They include extensive profiles of behavioral styles, strengths and weaknesses, emotional intelligence, and underlying motivators—where your leaders get their highest sense of achievement and engagement. We also have a self-assessment of the 25 competencies from the book.

In addition, throughout the program, we host expert faculty members who spend a day with the group. These are national thought leaders in the areas of branding, communications, conflict management, teamwork, and more. Everybody in the program gets exposure to these experts and the opportunity to build their network of connections as they continue on their leadership journey.

The Tenants and Competencies

Over the 18 months of the program, your team will explore the tenants of great leadership: being a clear thinkerleading yourselfleading others, and being authentic. They will also explore the 25 competencies that fall under them.

Leaders are Clear Thinkers

Futuristic Thinking

Conceptual Thinking

Planning & Organization


Continuous Learning

Problem Solving Ability


Leaders Lead Themselves


Personal Accountability



Goal Achievement

Leaders Lead Others


Understanding & Evaluating Others


Written Communication

Diplomacy and Tact

Interpersonal Skills



Conflict Management


Employee Development and Coaching

Customer Focus

Leaders Are Authentic


Sample Agenda

The tailored program looks different for each company, but here are some sample agendas.

Session 1 (two days):

  • Introductions
  • Review program objectives and commitments
  • Overview of 25 leadership competencies
  • TriMetrix HD Talent Profiles
    • Introduction to behavioral styles, including self awareness and insights for managing others
    • Introduction to workplace motivators, including self awareness and insights for managing others
  • Principles of effective feedback
  • Break into teams with presentation assignments for Session 2
  • Establish peer coaching assignments and questions

Session 2 (two days):

  • Updates, reports on peer coaching assignments
  • Leadership Competencies Presentations by teams
  • TriMetrix HD Talent Profile – Introduction to Acumen Capacities Index
  • TriMetrix HD Talent Profile – Review of Leadership Competencies Scores
  • Organize new teams with presentation assignments for Session 3
  • Individual assignments, including completion of EQ assessments
  • Create new peer coaching relationships

The Result

Emerging leaders are identified and developed, and current leaders are fortified. Your team will come away from The Complete Leader with practical skills that they can use immediately and can teach to others in your organization. The program is designed to be a launchpad for continuous learning that goes on long after the program has ended.

A Case Study: Culture shifts and conflict management training bring about $100K savings for TCL program participant

Enrollment in The Complete Leader is only available via company sponsorship. Program Overview

If you are interested in having your organization sponsor a Complete Leader program, please contact us at [email protected].

Take the free 12-question sample leadership assessmentor join our community for access to the complete 125-question assessment, where you will discover your aptitude for each of the 25 competencies that are necessary to become a complete leader.