Leaders Lead Others

Building A Culture Of Dialogue. How Real Conversations Can Transform Your Culture.

This week we sit down with leadership and talent management advisor Dr. Ranjit Nair. Dr. Nair talks about the trend to humanize the workplace and how to build a culture of dialogue. He gives tips for creating better performance reviews and a more engaged culture. Dr. Nair is an author, speaker, and business advisor with Price Associates. www.price-associates.com Follow Ranjit @RanjitNair_PhD

TCL Video Series: Understanding & Evaluating Others with Ranjit Nair

In this short video, TCL faculty member Ranjit Nair talks about the importance of understanding and evaluating others in order to appreciate their ideas and acknowledge the areas in which they can develop.

TCL Video Series: Presenting Skills with Shawn Kent Hayashi

In this short video, TCL faculty member Shawn Kent Hayashi talks about common obstacles that affect presenting skills and how to overcome them.

Coaching the Doctrine of Excellence

A Conversation with Skip Hall About Integrity and Staying on Track

For 40 years, Coach Hall has coached the Doctrine of Excellence—a set of principles that result in recruiting and retaining great teams and achieving superior results in sports, business and life. 

TCL Video Series: Interpersonal Skills with Whit Mitchell

Interpersonal skills are important for a leader because the people that are working for you need to feel connected. In this video, TCL member Whit Mitchell shares his insights on the great things that can happen in your company when you care about and are sincere with your employees. 

Why Personal Branding is Critical for Today’s Leaders

By Justin Foster, Strategy Magazine, October 2015

Growing Leaders in the ‘Lab’–Benefits of Experiential Learning

By Ranjit Nair, allBusiness, August 2015

Doing begets learning. Study after study has shown that the most effective way to retain training is to put it to practical use right away. Yet the pace of competitiveness often leaves little time for training, and even less time for training that doesn’t produce results.

The 12 Skills Needed Lead Others

How Many Have You Mastered?

A leader is someone who achieves goals through the efforts of others; therefore being a high-performing leader is dependent on working well with people. 

Do you know what it takes to effectively lead others, across all facets? Are you developing your leadership skills in all the ways that matter? Luckily, The Complete Leader has identified all 12 competencies needed to lead others, and can help you develop the skills to encourage greatness within your team. 

Capturing the 12 Competencies for Leading Others:

TCL Webinar: Employee Development & Coaching

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Understanding Stress in the Workplace

Identifying the Signs of Stress and What to Do About It   

The only way to combat stress is to recognize it early, and to implement a plan to correct it. Are you or your team members experiencing stress? Here are some of the most common signs of stress:

Physical Symptoms
Low energy
Aches and pains
Frequent illness

Emotional Symptoms
Feeling overwhelmed

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