Creativity: Re-Imagining What is Possible

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The value of creative thinking in the workplace

Today, creativity has an ever-increasing and vital role in helping emerging brands, established companies, and leaders do much more with automation, innovation, and engagement. Creativity brings transformative experiences that solve complex challenges with meaningful impact in all aspects of business.

In our June Special Session, learn how to build the fertile space of collaboration and unfettered creativity that leads to new ways of thinking and critical to solving your most complex challenges.

You will discover:

  • Why Aesthetics are important to cultivate curiosity
  • How to adopt a Beginner’s Mind to create possibilities
  • Bringing the WHAT and WHEN to your WHY (on vision)

Andrea Favilli is a storyteller, creative and innovation strategist and accomplished fine artist.

As co-founder of Favilli Studio, Andrea has 30+ years of creative leadership experience on complex, global entertainment design projects—clients include the Walt Disney Company, Universal Creative, Ritz-Carlton, Rosewood, Sun International, Bass Pro Shops, Gensler and World Economic Forum.

Andrea combines his experience from expeditions on some of the tallest mountains in the world, with innovative insights as a successful designer, to help companies overcome seemingly insurmountable objectives.

Camille Favilli is a brand strategist, designer and creative director with the crystallized knowledge of 30+ years working in every aspect of the creative process for multi-disciplinary projects.

As co-founder of Favilli Studio, Camille is a communications designer. Her experience includes blue-sky, creative strategy, design, production, building and managing teams, and market research.

Camille also infuses her creative expertise and love of health and wellness to publish articles for her Substack called AGEOSOPHY.